If you manage the building maintenance for flats, offices or other high rise buildings you will already be aware of the importance in ensuring that your pumping equipment is working well all the time, and the inconvenience and cost if it isn’t.  Marshall Pump Systems Ltd offer both reactive breakdown visits to repair your pumping equipment and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) to hopefully ensure they stay running.  We service equipment installed by ourselves or others, in fact from just about any supplier, usually at a fraction of the cost you are already paying.

Servicing can be carried out either as a one off service, or as part of an ongoing service contract. Our ‘Service Inspection’ contracts are an extremely cost effective way to ensure that your pumping equipment is properly checked and maintained, and if faults are found they can be dealt with without causing a failure of the system.

Our ‘Service Inspections’ are amongst the most comprehensive available in the market today and all elements of the pumps, pipework, valves & control panel will be checked, and a thorough report detailing  the findings and recommendations, where appropriate, will be forwarded.  Proper servicing of your equipment gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your water pressure booster set is properly maintained and working as reliably as possible.

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