Media Filters

Media Filters

We supply a wide range of top quality filters manufactured by all the leading water treatment manufacturers. Not being tied to any single source gives us the freedom to recommend the equipment and system that is right for you and your particular contaminants, budget and demands.

With thousands of different combinations to treat any single problem or multiple contaminants, we are confident when we say that it is unlikely that you will find a wider choice of related products from a single distributor.

Our comprehensive range of filters is backed by over 30 years experience in treating all kinds of water throughout the country, and we have literally thousands of installations which we still maintain and service.

CleanStream’s well-proven water treatment knowledge offers you the advantages of:

  • Wide Range of Products – thousands of combinations to suit your needs.
  • Best Prices – because of our buying power we can supply at competitive rates.
  • Lifetime relationships – we offer supply, installation, service and repair for life.
  • Environmentally friendly – we offer a range of chemical free solutions.

We are continually looking at new filtration methods from all over the world, to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce cost and footprint size and offer you, the customer, the very best solution for your problem.