Exclusive UK distributorship

Marshall Pump Systems Ltd are delighted to announce exclusive UK distributorship for the supply of high quality Yamada air operated diaphragm pump into many market sectors.

These include food & beverage, automotive, lubrication, mining, metal manufacturing, cement, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, paints, sealants, printing, textile, wood, paper, packaging, agriculture, water, waste & many ,many more. More information can be found at

Marshall's launch new website.

Marshall Pump Systems is delighted to launch its brand new web site. Since the initial website in the 1990s Marshalls has always looked to use its web presence to properly reflect its standing and image in industry.

This is the 4th version as Nik Hursthouse, Managing Director, explained. "We felt that our website looked a little dated and didn't fully portray the company image we wanted. We thought that version 4 needed to be more modern, cleaner and easier to use" Working closely with local web design company Oomagoo, the designs were done and in 2012 the new site was launched.

Iconic building gets new pump set

When one of Manchester's most iconic buildings, The Hacienda, decides it is time to upgrade its cold water booster sets, there is really only one choice. Local experts Marshall Pumps understand pumping systems and offer full after care services on a range of building services

Removing an old 4 pump system with 15kW motors, in a tight space was not easy, but Marshall's got the job done in record time. In its place there now sits a 4 pump Lowara booster set, with Hydrovar variable speed drives for maximum efficiency and minimum energy use. Bespoke stainless steel manifolds were manufactured and the entire unit was set on a bespoke frame to maintain pipe centres from the holding tank nearby.

As ever with these jobs, time was of the essence and we didn't let the residents down. The water was only interrupted for 2ΒΌ hours and most residents, at work during the day, didn't even realise any work had been undertaken.

Better pressure, smoother flow, lower energy consumption, smaller maintenance bills and a modern pump set truly fit for the job.


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