Ultra Violet Units

UV Units

Our ultraviolet sterilisers are used to destroy bacteria in water. These units use ultraviolet light at a specific wavelength (254 nanometers) to ensure all bacteria in the water is destroyed.

A UV unit consists of a sterilising chamber, made from stainless steel, through the centre of which passes a quartz sleeve. Within the quartz sleeve is an ultraviolet lamp. The lamp emits energy which passes through the sleeve and into the water to destroy any bacteria present. Each different type of bacteria requires different energy levels to destroy it. Therefore, the time the water is subjected to the light and the amount of energy the UV emits are factors in determining the rate of flow of the UV.

An ultraviolet unit must be sized on peak flow through it and not average flow. Ultraviolet is a safe and effective means of destroying bacteria in water supplies without adding chemicals such as chlorine, which may affect the taste of the water.

The vast majority of water treatment problems can simply be treated with a UV steriliser and cartridge filter installed at the point of entry of your properties water supply. CleanStream provide a range of systems to suit the vast majority of domestic and light commercial properties.

UV Spares

An extensive range of genuine manufacturer’s parts are available from stock to cover the wide range of UV units that we supply. From replacement lamps, O rings and quartz sleeves through to new control boxes or chambers, we have everything to ensure that this vital part of the water treatment package is working properly and effectively at all times.